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One great way to make quick money is liquidating your precious metals. Selling your gold is easy but it may turn into a negative experience if you deal with a wrong company. If you are looking for a reliable company who values your precious jewelry, then LA Cash for Gold is the best choice. You can sell all your precious metals including diamonds, broken gold necklaces, gold earrings or old medallions without any doubt. If you reside in the Hermosa Beach areayou are not far at all from our new location in the beautiful city of Pasadena, California.

We follow a simple and effective process to test all your metals. Feel free to bring everything you have at home with you to our office, even if you have a feeling it's not a precious metal. We test all your items with our digital tester giving you a legible reading of what karat each piece is. After testing your belongings, we weigh them by each karat group and enter all the information onto our cash for gold calculator. The cash for calculator calculates your payouts and tells you exactly what you are getting paid for. Please keep in mind the prices are always updating on their own and change every few minutes. There is never a set price for any of the precious metals. We pay you more in comparison to other gold buyers. The main reason we can afford to pay higher payouts is that we conduct a recycling process wherein all the purchased items go through a melting and molding procedure. They are then sold at a later time.

When you decide to La Cash for Gold, you must remember to bring a valid driver's license or ID with you and you have to be 21 years of age.

Review For our Pasadena Client

This is a Great Gold Buying Store at PasadenaThis is really a wonderful place to sell gold. The service is extraordinary and left really happy knowing I got the most money for my belongings. The staff was really nice and friendly. I didn’t doubt once throughout the whole process. Henry