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Gold prices have ascended to a higher level. Take the opportunity and look into your jewelry boxes to sell your old gold bracelets, diamond rings or silver flatware. If you are in search of a reputable gold buying store, then LA Cash for Gold is the best one. Residents of the Hawthorne area can easily travel to our store located at Pasadena, California. This easy accessible location has enabled us to expand our services to a brighter level.

Experience our effective Services

Our trained staff accurately evaluates the value of all your metals. We digitally test and weigh your items in order to find out whether the metals hold value or not. After testing and weighing your metals, we determine your payout according to current market rates. We have also created a site where it provides a free tool to help you see Lives Prices for all metals and gives you a gold break down in terms of karats. We pay you higher prices compared to other companies. The reason why we pay higher prices is because we conduct a recycling process in which the items are entirely melted and refined.


Our Other Services Include-

We are a one stop shop that not only buys your precious metals at a much higher price but also specialize in other various services which include:

• Buying and selling precious jewelry
• Jewelry Repair
• Unique jewelry designing
• Watch repair
• Watch battery replacements
We also specialize in complete customer satisfaction and our trained staff answers all your concerns. Your comfort means a lot to us and to achieve this we have an excellent parking zone where you can park your vehicle for at least one hour without any difficulty. Our professionals strive to guide you at each step and educate you about the market strategy and become more aware of the gimmicks played by different gold buying companies. The gold buying method we follow is absolutely stressand hassle free.