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Gold buying business is greatly thriving. Now a days, one most popular way to earn extra cash is by selling old gold, silver and platinum. If you are a resident of Gustine and are looking for an efficient gold buying store then look no further! La Cash for Gold is one of the best gold buying stores where you can sell your broken silver bracelets, gold necklaces and even some of your old medallions. Our company placed at Pasadena, California is not far from your residency and will face no difficulty while traveling down to our store.

We are a trustworthy firm who greatly values all your metals. We accurately test each of your valuables to determine each piece's purity. The payout prices are then determined depending upon the existing market rates. In fact, we pay you higher prices compared to other gold buying companies. One main reason why we pay you more is our ability to conduct a recycling process. In the method, the items are first melted and refined. The recycled items are then sold at reasonable rates.

We have added a new site where you can have a fair idea about the current market rates and it works. This free tool is a transparent way of letting you know how gold is broken down by karat and what we pay.

Our unique Recycling Process


You must be thinking when other companies are just paying 30 to 40 percent as the payout values then how LA Cash for Gold is paying 70 to 80 percent. The answer to your query is that we conduct a recycling process in our well-developed refinery where all the metals are melted to derive the purest form of metal that is .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. The extracted form is later used to make new jewelry and also traded in the market for generating revenues. Due to which we are able to provide higher payouts to patrons.

Other services rendered by us are as mentioned below:


LA Cash for Gold is widely acknowledged as one of the prestigious gold buying firm in the whole of Los Angeles and San Gabriel. Apart from precious metal buying, we are engaged in selling beautiful and meticulously crafted jewelry. We have a team of expert craftsman who can design jewelry as per your given details. If you do not wish to sell your broken jewelry then you can also get it repaired from our store. We are also engaged in removing stones from the jewelry.

Criterion for selling jewelry at our store:


• You must be of minimum 21 years of age
• You shall bring valid photo ID driving license
• Jewelry that is to be sold you should be its owner

Review For our Pasadena Client

Fabulous workI had a cluster ring which was gifted by my husband. I was bored of wearing it so I thought of encashing it but wanted to keep its stone. My husband told me about LA Cash for Gold. Next day, I visited this store and to my surprise they paid me higher payouts for the ring also returned me the stone in no time. Fabulous work!Nancy