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Gold buying business is greatly thriving. Now days, one most popular way to earn extra cash is by selling old gold, silver and platinum. If you are a resident of Glendora and are looking for an efficient gold buying store then look no further. La Cash for Gold is one of the best gold buying stores where you can sell your broken silver bracelets, gold necklaces and even some of your old medallions. Our company placed at Pasadena, California is not far from your residency and will face no difficulty while traveling down to our store.

We are a trustworthy firm who greatly values all your metals. We accurately test each of your valuables to determine each piece's purity. The payout prices are then determined depending upon the existing market rates. In fact, we pay you higher prices compared to other gold buying companies. One main reason why we pay you more is our ability to conduct a recycling process. In the method, the items are first melted and refined. The recycled items are then sold at reasonable rates. We have added a new site where you can have a fair idea about the current market rates and it works. This free tool is a transparent way of letting you know how gold is broken down by karat and what we pay.

Besides purchasing your valuables, we also deal in selling jewelry as well. You can custom design your very own engagement ring or wedding bands for you and your loved one. We also provide jewelry repairs, replace batteries, and repair watches. Remember, to sell your gold you should be over 21 years of age and have a valid state photo id or a driving license. Our experts at our store are knowledgeable and kind. The service our staff gives is educational and upfront. After we educated you on the gold selling business, you will never be deceived by other gold buying companies. We offer our complete helping hand so that you won't fall for false promotional games promised by other gold buyers. Come visit our store to believe our reliability and trustworthiness.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Really Awesome Place to Sell Your Old JewelryMy husband and I decided to sell my old jewelry. We went to LA Cash for Gold and to my surprise got more than we thought we were going to get. Truly the best place to sell any of your unwanted items. Thanks again! Brucina

Great ServiceThe service at LA Cash for Gold is extraordinary and the experts at the store are really knowledgeable and kind. Martin