Beat the Financial Jitters by Selling Your Gold, Silver and Platinum!

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Are you looking to upgrade the center diamond of your wedding ring? Have any scrap gold and silver that you have no use for? If so then LA Cash for Gold is the place for you! We are a one stop shop to sell your precious metals and diamonds in the exchange of its true value. Our company exclusively believes in serving our customers with the utmost satisfaction with our premium services. LA Cash for Gold is exclusively placed in the lap of the gorgeous city Pasadena. It might quite a drive for the residents of Fresno but assure you it is worth the drive.

For years, we have been one of the leading gold buyers in the industry that caters to their customers with utmost trust and honesty. From various places of the nation, our customers visit us to avail the tremendous services offered by our store. Moreover, on our store you can sell all your precious metals such as mismatched earrings, dental gold, silverware, gold cufflinks, medallions, platinum wedding bands, gold and silver coins and many more. In return you will fetch the right value for your precious belongings.

Our Reliable Buying Process

When you visit our store, we will exclusively test your precious items digitally to confirm the accuracy and purity of the metals. After the purity testing, we will weigh your items on our jewelry scales and further offering the rate in accordance to the market prices of the particular metal. On our website, you are welcomed to view the live price chart of a particular metal which keeps on updating in accordance to the New York stock exchange. Moreover, you can also calculate to evaluate the amount you are going to get after selling your items at our store.

Our Recycling Process

In our recycling process, all the precious metals are extensively melted and molted in our very own refinery into the purest metal form. After the purification of the metal, it is exclusively traded in the market and further also used to make jewelries. Our team will exclusively educate you about the whole functioning of the industry to save you from the fraudulent acts of other gold buyers.

If you have planned to sell your precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum on our store then you must be at least 21 years of age and are able to provide a valid photo id or a valid driving license.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Incredible customer services!LA Cash for Gold truly offers amazing, friendly customer services with utmost patience. I had a great time during my transaction because I learned a lot and I felt really comfortable dealing with them. The representatives thoroughly educate me about the whole industry. I sold my scrap jewelry at a great price since gold was doing really well that day. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!!Stephaney