Cash the True Value of Your Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamonds at LA Cash for Gold!

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Are you looking for a reliable company to cash your precious metals in Fowler? Then LA Cash for Gold is the place to sell your precious metals and get paid for the true value of your items. We are considered as an authentic precious metal buying company in the Pasadena area and have been for the past8 years. Our company in Pasadena is only a half an hour drive from the city of Fowler and assures you it's worth the drive.

At our store, you will exclusively come across a well trained team that will educate about the gold buying industry and resolve your queries. When you reach us with your precious metals, first and the foremost we will test the purity of your precious items and then evaluate the payout on the basis of current market price of the metal or diamonds. On our website customers can conveniently go through the live prices of each and every metal we deal in and can also see the breakdown of the metal gold in terms of karats.

Our Other Astonishing Services

  • Repairing watches
  • Replacing the batteries of watches
  • Designs customized jewelry
  • Fixing broken jewelry
  • Sizing of the ornaments
  • Stone removal

Our Recycling Process

We follow our exceptional method of recycling all the precious metals in our own refinery by melting and molding them to extract the purest form of it. Our derived precious metals are converted into .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. Our massive buying capacity and the immense support of our customers made us grow and achieve success. In the industry, you will come across various gold buying companies but hardly see any company who render professional services like ours. So, get ready to cash your precious scrap wear in real hard cash.

Criteria of Selling Gold:

  • Jewelry should belong to the seller
  • Seller must be of age 21 years or above
  • Seller must be able to provide be a valid photo id or driving license

Review For our Pasadena Client

Wide variety of fabulous jewelries LA Cash for Gold has been great to deal with these past 2 years. I tend to come every 6 months when I do heavy duty cleaning and come across more pieces. They are always welcoming and remembered my name after the first visit. The young ladies that always help me are friendly and always work with a smile on their face. They even take out the colored stones that are in my rings and returned them to me. If you are looking for an honest and friendly place, LA Cash for Gold is the place to come too. They’re fantastic! Erika