Liquidate your valuable items to find relief of your financial troubles

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Life is completely unpredictable and there are many times when financial troubles take away your peace. Sometimes you find yourself thinking of liquidating your precious metals for paying the bills and debts. In-cashing your precious metal scrap is one of the best ways to triumph over financial problems.LA Cash for Gold is here to help you! Our company specializes in buying old, un-used gold, silver and platinum jewelry at very high prices. We are based in the heart of the Playhouse District in gorgeous Pasadena. Admittedly our location can be quite a drive for the residents of Fontana, but assure you it's worth the trip to get paid exactly what you deserve for your metals.

Patrons from varied cities come to our store to liquidate their valuables because are able to pay 70 to 80 percent of the New York market. Other gold buying firms only pay 30 to 40 percent of gold, silver and platinum.

Why LA Cash for Gold is customers' most preferred firm?


Due to our most transparent and honest polices, LA Cash for Gold has established a huge patron base and has been increasing daily. Our firm has laid its foundation on ethical policies and implements them to every transaction we have. Having our very own recycling process allows us to make sure that our patrons get fair prices on their valuables. Moreover, our professionals evaluate the purity levels and prices of all your items right in front of you.

The professionals here make clients understand the entire metal selling process so that customers never face any problem related to the same and do not become prey of the gimmicks of false advertising from other companies. The staff at LA Cash for Gold never pressures customer to sell their precious metals without giving it serious thought. We let customers know the worth of their items and leave the decision of selling entirely up to them.

What do we buy?


• Gold & platinum cufflinks
• Gold & silver chains, necklaces, charms and lockets
• Silver flatware
• Broken or mismatched earrings
• Gold, silver and platinum coins.


Eligibility criterion for selling precious metal scrap at our firm:


• Seller must be at least 21 years old.
• We do not buy jewelry without the consent of its rightful owner(s).
• Must be able to provide a valid driver's license or state ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Hassle-Free Gold Selling ExperienceLA Cash for Gold took all my confusion away when it came to selling my old jewelry. They effectively answered all of my questions patiently and they were extremely friendly. The experts didn’t force me to sell my items and even encouraged me to shop around before making a final decision. I appreciated their honesty and I did shop one another place that was near my home but their payout didn’t come close to what LA Cash for Gold was offering me. I was happy with my decision to selling here. They were great to work with and give them 10 gold stars if possible! Thanks again.Anna

Notable place LA Cash for Gold is indeed a wonderful place for selling as well as buying jewelry. I went to this place for selling some of my old jewelry. The professionals at the office properly determined the worth of my precious metals and calculated the prices as per the New York Stock Exchange. I felt so relived and happy. Not only did they buy my broken jewelry, I couldn’t help from admiring their beautiful jewelry selection they had in their showcases. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to get married again! Thank you so much for making this experience a pleasant one. Come here! You won’t be disappointed.Summer