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El Segundo

Want to buy a diamond ring for your beloved? Are you running low on cash? If the answer is yes, then you can sell some of your small trinkets to make up the amount. If you are looking for a reliable gold buyerthen LA Cash for Gold stands apart from the rest. You will definitely get right prices for all your valuables. If you are living in El Segundo and trying to find out some realistic reasons behind travelling all the way to Pasadena then do not worry at all. Our storein Pasadena, California is not at all far from El Segundo. We assure you the trip to our location will be worth the payout you receive for your fine metals.

Make Instant Money in No Time

Further, when you visit our store, you will be surprised to see our offices. Our testing process to evaluate your items brings out the best from it and offers the right amount for all your valuables. We follow a unique perspective in the gold buying industry. We first digitally test all your items and depending upon the metal purity, we determine the payout percentage to you. In fact, we pay you higher prices as compared to other competitors. Our ability to pay you high depends on one key component and that is the recycling method. All the purchased items go through a melting process and are refined at a later time.

Our Other Services Include-

Besides purchasing your precious items, we also offer other services including jewelry repair and adding a custom design to your favorite piece of jewelry. We also provide watch repairs and replace batteries.Please keep in mind that you must be over 21 years of age and must provide a valid state photo id or driving license to sell your precious metals to our company.

Selling your gold to our company is educational and at most times can be fun. Our experts are trained in the respective field and try to assist the sellers in the best possible way. Our system of buying and selling your precious jewelries is very simple and hassle free.

Come visit us today and experience the stress free method of selling your gold, silver and platinum.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Awesome Service with Educational StaffI sold my necklace at LA Cash for Gold and to my surprise; I faced no difficulty while parking my car as there was a good parking area. The service was awesome and everything was done in front of me. Alicia

Nice store with finest servicesI had a gold chain. One day decided to sell it. I searched many stores nearby but could not find a good one. Finally one of my very good friends suggested me to go to LA Cash for Gold. And to my surprise the store was really awesome and the experts were knowledgeable and kind enough.Christina