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El Monte

The economy may go downbut the prices of your precious gold coins and diamond necklaces never die out. Many people, during their tough times, look into their jewelry boxes to discover a wealth of financial opportunities. If you are also the one who wants to sell their valuables at a much higher price, then look no further. Our company, LA Cash for Gold nestled in Pasadena, California is the best store which leaves the customer truly satisfied. Don't worry if you are not a resident of El Monte, our location is easily accessible, wherever you are located. Our prime location has enabled us to sprawl our services to more and more sellers, thereby helping us to grow exponentially.

Your old gold holds the equal value for us whether it's your broken diamond jewelry or old medallions. We promise to get you ajustified amount for your gold. Our firm, with years of buying experience, will never disappoint you and will offer higher rates as compared to other gold buyers.The items that you have decided to sell are first weighed and then their payout percentage is determined, depending upon the current market rates. In fact, we pay you higher than the others. Our ability to pay you at a higher rate than our competitors depends on one key component and that is the recycling process. In this process, the items are first melted and then molded to give it a more attractive look and design. The redefined jewelries are then sold at realistic prices.

As you enter our store, you will be pleased to see the elegant set up of our store. Our trained and skilled staff with their enhanced knowledge; will educate youbefore you sell gold and will assist you in the best possible way to make the best possible decision. Our professional experts understand all your concerns and try to solve them with utmost patience and efficiency.We follow honest practices and you will be satisfied by our evaluation procedure that will give you the best possible results.We believe in the philosophy of 'Serving You the best.'

So, give us a chance to serve you the best with our top rated services.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great Place!I sold my gold at this store for the first time and was really impressed by their amazing service. A great place to sell gold or any of your jewelry scrap! Barbara