Your Precious Gold and Diamond Jewelry Never Grow Old for Us

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East Pasadena

The Price of gold is at an all-time high and your old jewelrymay be worth more than you think. This is the perfect time to turn in your jewelry for an instant cash exchange. The Gold buying business, thatis being heavily advertised, seems to bepromoting billions of people to sell out their scrap jewelry. There are a large number of companies entering the gold buying business. However, a little bit of research is of utmost importance to find out the best local store nearby your residence. If you are concerned about selling your precious items including gold bracelets, diamond earrings or silver online, then look no further. LA Cash for Gold is the best company with countless services and facilities.If you are a resident of East Pasadena then you are just a few miles away for the LA Cash for Gold Headquarters that is open to the public.

Our firm accepts all your scrap or broken jewelryproviding the bestvalue for them all, including gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. With years of experience, we are a company that always wants to serve our customers the best we can. Following honest practices, we want our business to be in the forefrontin the respective industry. We follow the current market trends and offer you actual prices for all your assets. We also weigh and price them out for you.We have a very special recycling process in which the items are first melted and then refined into a pure metal, which is then tradable in the global market place with our many buying partners.This volume of buying power, allows us to keep recycling the metals we purchase and provide the highest payouts possible to our customers.

Our showroom is located in a safe and trendy section of Pasadena.We are not your average "Cash for Gold" store with big banners and advertisements used to lure customers. Our priority is to provide you, the customer, with a safe and secure location that offers excellent parking. Our Pasadena Location is easily accessible from many local freeways in your area, making the travel time simple and fast. If you are lookingfor the best customer service and an honest price for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum jewelry, coins and bullions, our team of experts are here to serve you with absolute satisfaction and happiness.Our Service of exchanging your metals into cash is quick and hassle free with no pressure to sell. Come in today to get the most money for your gold.