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Your old gold coins, silver, diamond jewelries can give you best returns if you decide to sell them. Whether you are a resident of Downey or any other surrounding area then there are so many gold buying companies that can give you good amount. But before you decide to go to them, do proper research. While navigating through different sites, you will come across many firms and our company LA Cash for Gold stands on the top against all of them. Located in Pasadena, California, our store is no far from Downey. In fact, the location is easily accessible from any peak location of the city, allowing us to spread out our services to optimum level.


While purchasing your gold coins or any of your valuable items, we follow a unique perception. By accurately testing and evaluating each of the items, we determine the accurate value of metal. During the evaluation process, we give you the right understanding required to sell your gold at right rates. The payout prices are determined depending upon the current market rates. In fact, we are able to pay you more profits as compared to others as we conduct a recycling process. In the method, the items are melted and molded to give a new look to the item. Later on, the molded jewelry is sold at good prices.

Furthermore, if you are worried about travelling your car in the busy city of Pasadena than give your thoughts a halt as we have an excellent parking area where you can safely park your car. With such services, you will definitely face no difficulty while you travel down to us. Moreover, our services are also good enough to solve all your queries with great patience and calmness. With over years of experience, we have become the master and acquired trademarks of three separate brands that exclusively belong to our National Gold Market Corporation. We help our customers to easily navigate through our website and assemble fair information related to our sale and policies. The staffs employed at our store are skilled in their field of work and provide the right solutions needed to catch out the different promotional games offered by various gold buying markets and do not get trapped in the fraudulent dealings. Our followed procedure of evaluating your gold is simple, easy and effortless.

So, don't think much, come to us and sell your gold, diamond and silver at a fair price.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Educative and FriendlyThe staffs were very professional and friendly. They evaluated each of the items and gave me a fair amount for the same. Shawn

Extraordinary Store than OthersI sold an old gold coin which my mother gifted me. Thanks to LA Cash for Gold who offered me more cash than expected.Melissa