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Dos Palos

Want to buy a diamond ring for your beloved? Are you running low on cash? If the answer is yes, then you can sell some of your small trinkets to make up the amount. If you are looking for a reliable gold buyer then LA Cash for Gold stands apart from the rest. You will definitely get right prices for all your valuables.

If you are living in Dos Palos and trying to find out some realistic reasons behind travelling all the way to Pasadena then do not worry at all. Our store in Pasadena, California is not at all far from Dos Palos. We assure you the trip to our location will be worth the payout you receive for your fine metals.

Significance of Recycling Process


Our firm pays 70 to 80 percent to the sellers for gold, silver and platinum jewelry. In order to provide consumers with high payouts, we carry out an extensive recycling process in our very own refinery. We melt the gold, silver and platinum and extract the purest form each metal. The extracted form is later used for making new jewelry or molded into a new shape and traded back into the market at a later time.

Enlisted below are the stupendous services offered by us:


• Fixing and sizing jewelry
• Custom designing wedding rings
• Stone removal
• Replacing watch batteries

Our experienced and enthusiastic professionals


We have a team of skilled professionals who are expertise in the related field and can answer any and all your queries. We believe in offering absolute customer satisfaction. Our ability to buy your silver, platinum, diamonds or silver flatware is quick, convenient and hassle free. The owner, with over years of experience, has become a master jeweler and always pays you exactly what you deserve for your precious metals.

Requirements for selling precious metal at our store:


• Seller must be 21 years old or above
• You must bring in state valid photo ID or driving license
• You should be the owner of the jewelry that is to be sold

Review For our Pasadena Client

Smooth servicesI sold my old diamond necklace at LA Cash for Gold. They accurately break down the values of the items and pay high prices as compared to others. Great place to do business with. Evangeline