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Desert Hot Springs

Are you looking for a reliable gold buyer to cash your precious metals? If so, then LA Cash for Gold is not too far for the people dwelling in the gorgeous Desert Hot Springs. We are established right in the heart of the Pasadena, California which is just at a driving distance of almost two hour from Desert Hot Springs. May be quite a trip, but we assure you it is worth the drive. LA Cash for Gold has exclusively pioneered in offering its honest and premium gold buying services to their customers. In 2007, we incepted our company after doing an intensive research about the cash for gold industry. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we function accordingly by serving the most trustworthy and transparent process of gold buying. All the weighing and evaluation of the fine metals are exceptionally done in front of the seller.
Our Exclusive Additional Services

  • Jewelry repairing services
  • Replacement of watch batteries
  • Stone removal
  • Designing customized wedding rings
  • Ring sizing

You can conveniently access our live price chart that automatically updates every two minutes according to the New York stock exchange. We have also designed cash for gold calculator which will help you evaluate the prices of your fine metals online in just no time. Moreover, we have engineered this calculator and live price chart in order to make the gold selling procedure a lot easier and comfortable for our customers. Our store not only will you experience the most reliable customer services but serves with accurate and true value for your metals.
Our Recycling Process
All the precious metals that we buy from our customers go through an extensive recycling process. In this procedure, the fine metals are melted and molded in order to derive the purest form that is .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum of the metal which is also denoted as karat. After the method, this pure form is traded in the market and also used in the manufacturing of latest designed jewelry.
Criteria to Follow While Selling Precious Metals on Our Store

  • One must be the age of 21 years or above
  • You should be the owner of all your items you want to sell
  • Are able to provide a valid photo ID or driving license

Review For our Pasadena Client

Well-mannered StaffThe professionals at LA Cash for Gold are extremely courteous. They tested, weighed and evaluated my broken jewelry right in front of me. I didn’t feel bluffed or cheated at all as I was there and understood the whole process of selling my things. They even removed my colored stones I had in some rings at no additional charge. I really needed the extra cash to pay off a parking ticket and this really helped a lot. Thank you the young lady that helped me throughout the entire process. She was great and very informative.Drita