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Planning to gift a new car to your wife? Going short of cash? No need to worry! Your old jewelry, medals, mismatched gold earrings can fetch you good prices. Yes! Our store, LA Cash for Gold deals in buying and selling jewelry.

Located in Pasadena, California we are easily approachable to all those who reside from the city Delano. With the experience of more than 8 years, we have excelled in offering best gold buying and selling services. We stand different from other stores because of our honest practices and transparent process. When you approach us to sell your jewelry, we first test the items digitally, weigh it properly on our authentic jewelry scales and then determine the payout percentage. The payout price is calculated on our cash for gold calculator and the process takes right in front of you. For your convenience, we have developed a site at which you can check out the current prices of the metals on your own.

Travelling to Pasadena will be worth it, since there are numbers of pit stops on the way and moreover, our set up is very striking. Along with this, you will experience dedicated services and will receive the true worth of your precious metals. The items that are to be sold are firstly tested to determine their purity level using latest tools right in front of the clients. Further, those items are weighed and their price is calculated there and then as per the prevailing market prices. We assure to pay you higher prices for your unusable precious metal items.

How our firm is capable of paying more than other firms?

Our ability of giving higher prices to customers is dependent on recycling process that is carried out in our well-developed refinery. We melt the purchased metals in our refinery and extract the purest form out of it which is later molded into a new form and then traded into the market at a later time.

Our team of chivalrous and professional staff

At La Cash for Gold,we have askilled and courteous staff which holds expertise in the gold buying process. Our staff is dedicated towards attaining a higher level of customer satisfaction. We calculate all payouts and purity of the objects right in front of customers.

Criterion for selling gold at our firm

• Seller must be 21 years old
• Seller be able to provide avalid state ID or driving license
• Seller should be the owner of the items that is to be sold

Review For our Pasadena Client

Amazing client services LA Cash for Gold is a great store because of its honest practices. I have personally experienced it when I went to sell my old bullions. They carried the whole process of weighing and calculating price in front of me only. It was all transparent. Alex