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Dana Point

LA Cash for Gold is now expanding its services to the City of Dana Point. If you are currently livingin this area then we are justan hour away. It may be a drive but assure you it will be worth the trip since you'll be getting paid what you deserve for your items.

There is no doubt while searching for an authentic gold buyer you will come across number of stores but the absolute professionalism which we follow would hardly be seen in any other store. Ourteam of professionals is well trained in their respective area. They have a thorough knowledge about the industry and even educate the customers about the whole process. Whatever queries you may have, our experts will solve them all with utmost patience.

Our services:

  • Well established store with the latest jewelry collection
  • Fixing broken jewelry
  • Watch repair
  • Watch battery replacements
  • Buying dental gold, mismatched earrings, gold cufflinks
  • Replacing watch band
  • Designing the customized jewelry

Our transparent buying and selling process

Our process of buying jewelry is fully transparent and takes place in front of your eyes so that you do not feel deceived or cheated. You can bring your scrap jewelry, broken earrings, and jewelry with missing stones. We will first test and weigh your jewelry properly on our certified jewelry scales and then calculate the price to be offered. The payout price is determined according to the current market rates of that specific metal which you are selling. For your absolute satisfaction, you can also cross check the prices on our website where the live prices of all the metals are displayed and the breakdown of gold in terms of karats can also be calculated there. Also, we follow a recycling method wherein the metals are melted and converted into pure forms of .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum.

Points to be kept in mind before approaching us:

  • You should be at least 21 years of age
  • Must possess a valid state ID or a driving license

Our services are known nationwide and many people approach us for selling their precious metals. So approach us and avail the innumerable benefits of our gold buying and selling services.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Transparent buying methodWhen I went to LA cash for gold to sell my platinum wedding band, I saw that they had the authentic weighing tools and did everything in front of me. Even for a single second, I did not feel that I was being deceived or cheated. I appreciate their services and the way they attend to customers. Jack

Professional expertsThe best part of this jewelry store which I haven’t seen anywhere is their professionalism. They help the customers very professionally and do every bit to fulfill the requirement. I am saying that from my personal experience because when I went to sell my scrap jewelry, these experts helped me throughout the process. Linda