LA Cash for GoldIs Here To Let You Earn Instant Cash Against Your Valuable Jewelry!

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Residing in Cypress and searching for a nice jewelry store? Want to sell your old jewelry to make instant cash? If yes then approach LA Cash for Gold which is just 45minutes away from you.

Having experience of more than 8 years in the gold industry, we have set a mark in the industry as one of the leading gold buying companies. You can bring your old bullions, silverware, platinum wedding band, gold coins and other jewelry to us and earncash in return.

Our honest buying and selling process

We have a trained staff which will determine the value of the metal accurately. All the items you bring to us will be first digitally tested and weighed, then the payout price is calculated. To weigh the items, authentic weighing tools and equipments are used and it is all done in front of your eyes. The payout percentage is calculated according to the current market rates and our customers can check the live prices of all the metals on our website. This website also provides a free tool which gives you a gold break down in terms of karats.We assure you that we will pay you much higher than the other gold buying companies.

Below is a glimpse of our number of services:

  • Jewelry repair
  • Fixing and sizing of jewelry
  • Watch repair
  • Replacing battery of the watches
  • Stone removal

Our staff and recycling process

We are not just any average "cash for gold" store but we are known for our honest and satisfactory gold buying services. We also follow a recycling process wherein all the metals are first melted and converted into pure .999 gold, .999 platinum and .999 silver. Our staff will extend a complete helping hand to you and will solve all your queries with utmost patience. They will educate you about the complete buying and selling process and after you give your consent, the entire paperwork will be done and the deal will be made final.

There are some important things which you need to keep in mind before approaching us. Your age should be over 21 years and you must possess a valid state ID or a driving license. Also, the jewelry which you are bringing to us should be your own possession.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Absolutely a reliable storeLA Cash for Gold is genuine and are 100% honest. I visited this store with one of my friends who wanted to sell her scrap jewelry. I noticed that these people carried out the whole buying process in front of our eyes and gave us complete knowledge. I am planning to visit this store again for sure with my own little scraps.Alice