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Planning to sell your scrap jewelries such as old coins and unwanted diamond necklace at higher price? If yes then LA Cash for Gold nestled in Pasadena, California is definitely the right place where you can sell all your precious jewelries lying in your old jewelry box. Do a proper research and never ever get trapped in false dealings of many gold buying companies. Furthermore, selling the items in a local store nearby is also not a good option as they can pay you very less. Our store facilitated with so many services is the best store where you can get maximum profit.


Whether you live in Cudahy or any surrounding area, our store is easily accessible. Moreover, while you travel down to Pasadena, you will be amazed to see a good parking area where you can park your car with great safety. Isn't this exciting?

When you navigate through our website, you will find a number of reasons why you should sell your valuable items here. We evaluate and minutely test the purchased items to find out the value of metal. With years of experience in gold buying, we give you the right information required to sell your metals at right price. We conduct a deliberate process in which the items are first weighed and further go through a recycling process where the jewelry is first melted and molded to obtain a new piece of jewelry. The molded item is then sold at realistic prices in order to gain profit out of it. This is the reason why we are able to pay you more as compared to other gold buying companies.

In fact the manner in which our experts deal with you is very professional, courteous and friendly. We assist you in every possible manner to solve all your seemingly unending queries with great patience. As our company do not believes in practicing secret prices, we pay you right amount after weighing your metals depending upon current market rates. Moreover, our whole store is accomplished with wide range of exclusive jewelries all done with absolute aptness. You will never feel dissatisfied after availing our services which will definitely give you best results. The process we follow is very transparent, simple and easy.

Hope, the aforesaid information will solves your all doubt and you come to us with a smiling face to sell your gold.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Nice Place For SureThis is the most honest company who paid me right money for my broken jewelry. Bill

Polite and FriendlyI navigated the website and called up. The person over the phone was very polite and solved all my queries. The next I went there and got a handsome amount for the scrap jewelry.Alan