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It’s happy news for all those who are residing in Corona and looking for a reliable gold buying store!
Our company, LA Cash for Gold is located in Pasadena, California which is just a 45 minute drive from the city of Corona. Our company deals in buying and selling of gold, platinum, silver and diamonds.
We are a reputable gold buyer and well-known all over the Los Angeles area for many years. Since our move to beautiful Pasadena from downtown,we have been able to expand our services to the San Gabriel Valley with complete customer satisfaction. Our company is well established and believes in honest and transparent practices. You will get the right price for your precious metals. Our goal is to take the confusion out for the public when selling your belongings.  We will first digitally test all your items for their purity, also known as karat. After testing your items we weigh them by karat group and then calculate your payouts on our very own cash for gold calculator.  You can easily find this tool on our website as well. Our trained staff at LA Cash for Gold is able to answer any and all questions. Feel free to visit us without any doubts or worries.
Our Team-Our Strength
Our team of experts are extremely committed and dedicated towards proffering the best of services to the customers. Our professionals are personally trained by the owner of the company and they are also taught how to evaluate the precious metals in order to get the right value. On our store you can sell fine metals and diamonds in any form such as bracelets, medallions, cufflinks, mismatched pair of earrings, scrap jewelry and even dental gold. Our experts will educate you about the complete buying industry to protect you from the fraudulent practices of the other buyers present in the industry. Since 2007, LA Cash for Gold has pioneered a leading position in the industry with its premium customer services.
Our Other Additional Services

  • Stone removal
  • Mending broken jewelry
  • Resizing rings
  • Recycling process
  • Repairing watches
  • Design customized wedding rings

We have exclusively managed to engineer a customized tool to evaluate the accurate value of your precious metals according to karat and weight. You can easily practice this to calculate the true value of your metals online through our website before visiting us in Pasadena.  The main reason of designing this cash for gold calculator is to provide transparent and reliable services to our customers. Moreover, we have also designed a live price chart that automatically updates the prevailing price of all the metals at an interval of 2 minutes in accordance to the New York stock exchange.

Now, if you are looking forward to sell your fine metals to our companyplease keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years or above and are able to provide a valid photo ID or driving license and enjoy absolutely trouble-free selling process at LA Cash for Gold.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Hassle-Free Gold Selling Experience LA Cash for Gold took all my confusion away when it came to sellingmy old jewelry. They effectively answered all of my questions patiently and they were extremely friendly. The experts didn’t force me to sell my items and even encouraged me to shop around before making a final decision. I appreciated their honesty and I did shop one another place that was near my home but their payout didn’t come close to what LA Cash for Gold was offering me. I was happy with my decision to selling here. They were great to work with and give them 10 gold stars if possible! Thanks again. Olivia