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LA Cash for Gold is excited to expand its services to the people residing in the city of Corcoran!

If you live in the Corcoran area and want to earn some extra cash by trading in your old gold and silver jewelry then it would be very easy for you to visit us in Pasadena. We offer the highest paying prices for all your gold coins, diamonds, and silverware. We follow an honest and transparent process of selling and buying gold services so that none of our customers feel cheated. We digitally test each item you bring with you for its purity, also known as karat. We then weigh all your belongings in their appropriate karat group on our jewelry scales and then determine its prices using our cash for gold calculator. The prices are based on the current stock market prices for all the precious metals. Please keep in mind there is never a set price for gold, silver and platinum. The prices are on a live feed and changes daily. You can always go onto our website at cashforgoldlosangeles.com to follow the prices for precious metals.

Reliable services offered by us are as follow:


• Stone removal
• Repair jewelry and watches
• Replace old watch batteries
• Customize jewelry

Why we are popular in gold buying industry?


Our store is reputed and is counted among the most trusted gold buying firms in all of California. The reason behind our credibility is that we have made customer-focused business policies and strictly adhere to those while doing any business transaction. In accordance with the same, we have hired experienced professionals at our store who carry out the items' accuracy and price determination process utilizing modern tools. LA Cash for Gold is able to pay 70 to 80 percent to customers for their old and broken jewelry whereas other firms just pay 30 to 40 percent. We are able to pay our customers high payouts because we are able to conduct an extensive recycling process. All the valuable metals are melted to bring out their purest form and are molded into new jewelry that is traded into the market at a later time.

Apart from this, we explain to our clients the entire gold buying process well, so that they never get cheated by any company or person due to their lack of awareness. We also have a website on which two latest tools have been introduced i.e. cash for gold calculator and live price index. One can calculate the worth of his or her own items as per the New York Price Index while sitting at home. Apart from this, we also are able to remove colored stones in the metal you wish to sell and return them to you at not additional charge.

Things to know prior to selling jewelry at our store:


• You must be at 21 years old
• You must bring a valid photo ID or driver's license
• You must be the seller of the jewelry that is to be sold

Review For our Pasadena Client

Fantastic services The services and staff of LA Cash for Gold is no doubt, fantastic. They are well trained and have complete knowledge about the gold business. They helped me in choosing an engagement ring for my fiancé and gave it to me at a reasonable price. Thanks for all the help again!Kory