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Are you residing in Compton and looking for cash for gold services? If yes then you have landed at the right place. Our company, LA cash for gold offers the genuine and authentic cash for gold services to the customers. Though, we are located in Pasadena but the best part is that our location is easily approachable to the people inhabited in Compton.


It's sure that the first question which must be striking to your mind is that why would a person travel from Compton to Pasadena to sell his/her gold? Not just one but there is a number of reasons to back this question. First and foremost, we are located very near to Compton and customers can easily reach us. To mark other points, it's very important to mention that our whole process of buying the gold, diamond or silver jewelry is kept crystal clear. Every deal is done in the transparent manner so that, our esteemed customers are fully satisfied and do not feel cheated. It's a little pragmatic that there must be some other stores also in your mind where you can sell your jewelry but are you sure that those stores are authentic? Think twice! Any other company which you have decided to choose may be not reliable as we are.

One stop store to sell your diamond, gold and silver assets

Whether it's your gold coins, diamond jewelry or silver earrings, we will buy them all in turn, giving you the best price according to the current rate of that metal. Our experts have a deep understanding and knowledge of the real value of the metal and our whole team is fully dedicated to offer the best services to customers. They do every tad in order to satisfy the customer by making the fair deals. We buy the jewelry from you, melt it in our refinery and then mold it into a fresh and innovative piece of jewelry. When you will bring your jewelry to us, we will first weigh it properly and then buy it according to the current market rate of that metal. There is no need to worry about the price as you will get the maximum return on your jewelry.

So, now when you have got all the logical and the realistic reasons to travel from Compton to Pasadena, California to sell your gold, there is no need to wait for anything else. We are just a few miles away from you so reach us with no further delays!!

Review For our Pasadena Client

Cooperative teamI visited this store and found that the whole team was very cooperative and helped me throughout. They solved all my queries, weighed my diamond rings properly and gave me the correct price for it. Next month, I have a marriage at home so I am planning to contact these people again for the gold and diamond jewelry. Diana

Very comfortable locationIt’s actually very near to my place. I went to this store to sell a gold necklace as I was in need of instant cash. The way they treated me and helped was simply outstanding!! All the thumbs to this store!Lovina