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Whether you are a resident of Commerce or any other part of Los Angeles and looking to sell your gold, diamond or sterling silver, we are here to serve you with the best services. LA Cash for Gold is one of the most famous gold buying firms located in Pasadena, California. Our store nestled at a peak location is easily approachable from any part of the city and further this important location has enabled our company to sprawl our services with flying colors.


Furthermore, you might always think why to travel all the way from Commerce to Pasadena to sell gold coins or any other precious items. The reason is that our firm takes care of all your needs and requirements while the time of selling your gold. We follow a different standpoint when it deliberately comes to buy your gold. Based on the current market rates, we weigh your items first and later determine the fair amount to be paid for your metal. We believe in honesty and practice no hidden charges. Do you think any other company is so fair and honest when it comes to purchase your gold? So, think twice before you sell to them.

One main reason why we pay you more

The reason why we pay you more than others is our ability to conduct a recycling process. In the process the purchased items are at first melted and molded to acquire a new piece of jewelry out of it and give it a more finished look. The process increases the sale of the metal enabling us to sell the items at more realistic rates and pay you maximum profit in return. Isn't it a great process to turn your scrap gold in to cash?

Our skilled staffs are ready to help you in every way and make you informed about the market rates so that you sell your precious items at correct price. The professionals are greatly expert in their work and try to assist you in the possible way and solve all your queries with utmost patience. Your priority is always on the top for us we believe in valuing our customers to the optimum level. With over years of experience, we acquire status of master jeweler and believe in offering reliable services towards our customer. Furthermore, we have a good parking area where you can park your car safely. The process of evaluating your gold, diamond or silver is transparent and crystal clear.

So, clear your thoughts about selling your gold and give us a chance to serve you well.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Best Gold Buying Company in PasadenaThe place is really wonderful and the parking area is really awesome. I faced no difficulty in parking my car. I was very much delighted by the service and got a good amount for my broken jewelry.Jacob

A Profitable Experience HereI wanted to gift my wife a diamond necklace for which I decided to sell my broken gold chain. I went to LA Cash for Gold and I was surprised by their great service. They weigh the metal and gave a good profit for the metal. Aldan