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Residing in Coachella?No need for your old gold jewelry? LA Cash for Gold is the best place to liquidate your items and is closer than you think.  Located in Pasadena, we are here to serve you with our gold buying services with absolute honesty and efficiency.  It may be a drive for the people residing in the city of Coachella but assure you it is worth the trip. The whole process of our buying and selling gold, diamonds, platinum etc. is absolutely transparent and will take place right in front of you. You can bring your diamond jewelry, gold medallions, silver coins or any other valuable metal to us for selling. Our buying process will start from testing your belongings, weighing the metal accurately and then offering the actual price for it according to the current market rate. To check out the prices, you can take a look on our website where the current rates of all the metals are displayed.  Our website has a lot of useful information and can answer all your questions. If you still have any queries our experts are here to answer them.  Our goal is take the confusion out when it comes to the precious metal selling process. We are here to make sure that your selling experience is stress and haggle free.
Our Other Services

  • Replacewatch batteries
  • Watch repair
  • Mend broken jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Recycling process

Our team of professionals owns a deep knowledge to offer utmost services to their customers. We try our level best to educate about each and every minute detail of the gold buying business to save you from the gimmicks of the other buyers in the market. Our experts will go beyond the limit to fulfill every demand and requirements of the customers. With our services, we don’t leave any stone unturned to make you have an amazing selling experience at LA Cash for Gold.
We also carry out an extensive recycling process to derive the purest form of precious metals and this feature makes us stand out in the industry. All the fine metals which we buy from our customers are first melted and molded in our own refineries to get the refined form of items such as .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. After the procedure, the derived metals are traded in the market.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Extraordinary Services My husband wanted to buy a new car and we were running short of the required cash. So we thought of selling some of our scrap jewelry in order to make up the difference. One of our friends suggested we go to LA Cash for Gold and how they were great to work with. I must say that our experience was great! We didn’t feel cheated during our visit because everything was done in front of me. They offered us a great amount for our stuff, we made enough to get the difference for our dream car. Thank you so much for helping us LA Cash for Gold.Catherine