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As we all know that the prices of expensive items is always on its hike, so selling your precious items can definitely give you good returns. Our company LA Cash for Gold with its efficient services is definitely a good option for every gold seller. Our store nestled in Pasadena, California is easily accessible for sellers residing in Claremont and if you are a resident of this peak location then it is golden opportunity for you as we are not located too far from you.


Whether you are about to sell your scrap diamond jewelry, old coins or sterling silver, we evaluate each of your items first by accurately testing them to determine whether their accurate value. Depending upon the current market price, we weigh your items and decide the fair price. Also you will surprised to see that all the items purchased by us goes through a recycling process in which they are first melted and then molded to give a new shape to its preciousness. Later on the new pieces are sold at realistic prices.

Our firm nestled at a peak location gives you a chance to easily come down to our store without any difficulty. A well built parking area near our store allows you to park your car with great safety and security. Furthermore, our store is also fashioned with huge array of expensive jewelries that are designed with ultimate perfection. Acquiring over years of buying experience, we have the tendency to educate our customers without making them feel obligated or pressurized to sell their coins, metals or jewelry.

The solutions offered by our professional staffs are educative and upfront. Our motto is to make you informed so that you are able to identify and catch up the different games played by various companies. Your queries are our priority and we try to solve them with absolute patience. Our educative solutions can prevent you from being trapped into the exciting offers provided by different gold buying agencies. In other words, we help you from being swindled or taken undue advantage. We are a transparent gold buyer following a crystal clear process of evaluating your precious items. Being honest and reliable towards our customers, we offer a fair amount without practicing any policy of hidden charges.

We help you to navigate through our website and gather information about the prices we offer. So, next time whenever you think of selling gold or any of your valuable items, come to us and return back with heavy cash.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Fast Cash in no timeI went to LA Cash for Gold to sell my old medallions and to my surprise they gave me a fair amount. Adeline

What an Amazing StoreOne day I was searching my jewelry box and found a scrap necklace which I decided to sell. I wanted to sell it at good price. My friend told me about LA Cash for Gold and I immediately went to the store. The service was really good. They evaluated the item and depending upon the current market rates, they offered me a fair amount for the same.Alex