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Want to make quick money to buy a new house? If yes then selling gold or other precious items for generating some quick cash is the best option available. In today's market there are several buyers who can buy your gold, however you must learn to find a good one by doing proper research. If you are living in Citrus and searching for a top rated company nearby your place then LA Cash for Gold is the best store nearby you. Our store at Pasadena, California is not far from your place and one can easily reach to our store.


You are free to sell all your valuable items ranging from gold coins, rings, necklaces and bracelets. When you bring your items to our location, we accurately test each item to determine exact value of your precious metal. The items are first weighed and depending on the current market rates, we evaluate the price and give you the maximum return. Moreover, the items we purchase from you goes through a recycling process in which each of the valuable jewelries are first melted and then molded to get a new piece of jewelry out of it. This not only increases its sale value but also enable us to sell it at much realistic rates. This process allows us to pay you higher as compared to other gold buying industries. Furthermore, when you travel down to Pasadena from Citrus, you will not come up with any difficulty in parking your car as we have a good parking area. Also our store is accomplished with huge array of exclusive jewelries intricate with amazing designs and patterns.

Our motto to achieve complete customer satisfaction is best met up in a friendly, courteous manner by our professional and skilled staffs. During the selling process, we give you right knowledge before you sell your item. Our staffs efficiently work to solve all your queries with maximum patience. Having enhanced knowledge in the industry, we make you skilled enough to catch out the various gimmicks offered by various gold buying stores or companies. Our process of buying and evaluating your gold is extremely simple and hassle free.

So, sell your coins, flatware and diamond jewelry at fair price and return home with a smiling face.

Review For our Pasadena Client

A Trustworthy Firm to sell goldWhen I went to sell my old diamond ring at LA Cash for Gold, they evaluated my item, weighted it and by considering the current market rates, they offered me an amount which was higher than the other gold buying companies. Really thankful!!Giles

Amazing Customer ServiceThe place was awesome and the store was well built. The service was really amazing and up to the mark.Randy