LA Cash for gold brings new aspect to the gold buying industry

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Chula Vista

LA Cash for Gold based in the heart of Pasadena in Playhouse district puts forth an exceptional aspect to the Gold Buying industry of California. Our firm started with an objective to develop a foundation where jewelry owners can freely sell their gold without any hassle and could get higher returns for the same. For the people of Chula Vista, we are 2 hour and 20 minutes driving distance but our unique set up along with higher payouts up to 70 to 90 percent will make your travelling worth. At our store, you can en-cash your Gold Engagement or Wedding Bands gold rings, coins, medals, brooches & pins, dental gold, silver flatware , damaged jewelry, etc.

Our exclusive recycling process


Apart from paying higher returns to patrons, LA cash for Gold is widely acknowledged for its extensive recycling process. In this process, all the metals are melted in our well-developed &in-house refinery. By the process of melting, purest form of precious metals i.e. 999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum is extracted out. Extracted form of metal is later mold into new forms that is used in the process of manufacturing and designing of new jewelry. Owing to this, extensive recycling process we are able to pay up to70 to 90 percent to our clients whereas other firms just pay 30 to 40 percent in return of jewelry.

Our dedicated team our asset


At our store, we have appointed experienced professionals who hold expertise in their respective domain. These professionals work with dedication to attain the pre-set aims of our firm. Moreover, these experts have been trained by our owner who is a third generation manager and have 15 years of experience in this industry. Our experts properly understand the requirements of patrons and go beyond the call of their duties to provide them with excellent solution. Apart from this, while carrying out the metal purity procedure and price determination process, our professional make the customer understand the same so as to educate them and ensure they do not get cheated by the deceit of fake companies.

The rules set for selling precious metal at our store:


• Person who wish to trade at LA Cash for Gold must be 21 years old or above.
• The jewelry that is to be sold should be the belonging of the seller.
• Do not forget to bring state valid photo ID or driving license.

Review For our Pasadena Client

An authentic store with transparent business dealingsI was wandering here and there in search of an authentic gold buying firm. At last, I found the firm which I have been looking for LA Cash for Gold. Here I got 80 percent as the payouts for my trinkets. Moreover, they carried out the entire price checking process right in front of me.Sadia