Say farewell to traumatic financial crisis by selling dental gold and gold bullions!

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Are you passing through tough financial times and need some extra cash quick? You're in luck! LA Cash for Gold is here to help you generate quick money by selling your old unused gold jewelry, bullions and coins. Approaching us is simple and easy as our company is located in Pasadena. For the residents of Chowchilla, it is going to be quite a drive but assure consumers that it will be worth the trip to get exactly what you deserve for your gold, silver and platinum. The metals we buy from the public are digitally tested to find its purity, also known as karat. After testing your items, we weigh and calculate them using precise tools. After inputting the proper information in the calculator on our website, it then generates your payout percentage according to the present market rates. We then take your consent and carry out all the paperwork that is required. You can check out the live prices of all the metals in our newly developed website.

Why to trust our evaluation procedure?


Our gold buying process is transparent and considered as the most reliable process in the industry. We carry out the entire metal evaluation course in front of all customers so as to make the process easier to understand. Our professionals use proper tools and techniques to determine the purity of the metal. We don't pressure customers to sell their items at our company. Our experts are here to educate consumers about the entire precious metal buying process and leave the decision of selling completely up to them. Apart from this, we have launched two new tools on our website that are cash for gold calculator and live price index, in which a person can estimate the value of his or her precious metals prior to coming to our location.

Overwhelming services offered by us:


• Free stone removal
• Watch repair
• Jewelry repair
• Recycling precious metals
• Replace old watch batteries

Points to bear in mind for selling precious metals and diamonds at our store:


If you are preparing to sell your valuable items at LA Cash for Gold then bear in mind certain rules to have a stress-free experience.

• You must be at least 21 years old
• You must be able to provide a valid state photo ID or driving license as it is needed by law to do the proper paper work.
• All items should be owned by the seller

Review For our Pasadena Client

Best store with exclusive services The staff at LA Cash for Gold was extremely talented. They assisted me in a polite way and solved all my queries within no time. I was greatly satisfied with the service. Thanks again for making this pain free! Sophia