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Chino Hills

Are you a resident of Chino Hills and want to generate quick money by in-cashing your precious metal scrap? If so, then LA Cash for Gold is the right place for you! Our company has been one of the most reputable gold buying firms in all of Pasadena. Our store is located in the center of the Playhouse District and is simply a 30 minute drive for the residents of Chino Hills. On seeing our unique display and by experiencing our services, you will realize it is worth the trip. In this field of business there are companies that only pay up to 30 to 40 percent. LA Cash for Gold pays nearly 70 to 80 percent due to our extensive recycling process. Apart from this, we carry out the entire metal weighing and its price determination process in front of all patrons so that they do not have any doubts or concerns.

Our customer focused services


LA Cash for Gold is widely known for customer focused and provides full dedication during each transaction for the benefits of our clients. In 2007, we conducted a survey to find out which firms can pay true value to customers for their precious metals. As per result of our survey, we got to know that there is no such platform where jewelry owners can publicly sell their precious metals and get the exact same worth. The owner of LA Cash for Gold started this company with an aim to provide a trusting platform for the public to freely sell their gold and get the true values of their precious metals. Apart from this, we always insure to carry out the metal evaluation process in front of all patrons to eliminate their doubts and concerns.

Our blessing-our team


We have been able to establish ourselves as a prominent organization in the California's gold buying industry due to the support of our dedicated team. Our team includes killed and devoted professionals who have been selected via rigorous selection process. They have been personally trained by the owner himself,who holds 15 years of experience in this field of business. Our professionals provide outstanding customer satisfaction and make your selling precious metal experience a great one. Apart from this, our professionals never pressurize people to sell their precious metals. They can determine the payout amounts of any and all items using latest tools and leave the decision of in-cashing your items completely onto the client.

If you wish to sell any of your precious metals at our store then please keep in mind that you must be at 21 years old, are able to provide a valid state ID or driver's license and must be the rightful owner of the items you bring in to exchange for cash. LA Cash for Gold does not condone in buying any items that are reported stolen.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Transparent deals and experienced professionalsMy husband and I decided to sell some of our trinkets that were useless for us. After much research of the gold market, we decided to go to LA Cash for Gold. The professionals here broke down the worth of our trinkets right in front of us. They also made us understand the precious metal trading process more clearly. We got paid more than we thought we would and we appreciated their honesty and integrity. Fantastic experience!Eliza

Offered me true value for my old broken silver itemsLA Cash for Gold is the perfect place to get the true value for all your silver items. They follow honest and reliable techniques to buy fine metals. The team was extremely helpful as they effectively educate me and my wife about the whole industry. I sold all the broken and vintage silver items and got an amazing price for it. Thanks Again!Kiera