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As we all know that old jewelries have an emotional value to their owners but when it comes to meet the financial crisis you are going through, you can generate some heavy money by selling them. If you are a resident of Charter Oak and searching for an exceptional gold buying company then our store nestled in Pasadena, California stands out from the rest because of its top rated services and ability to pay more profits. Our store nestled very near to your location is easily accessible and if you plan to travel down to Pasadena in your car, you will face no difficulty in parking your car as we have an excellent parking area, especially for you.

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As you enter our store, you will be surprised to see the set up as we have got exclusive range of amazing jewelries with unique designs with utmost perfection. Further, we follow a unique prospective when it comes to purchasing your valuable items such as gold, silver or your most favorite diamond jewelry. We evaluate and test each items to determine the value of the metals. Our company with over years of experience imparts right knowledge required to sell your gold at right price. Depending on the current market rates, we first weight the items and then determine the payout prices. Our greatest ability to buy your diamonds and gold allows us to conduct a recycling process in which the items are melted and molded to design a new jewelry. The recycled jewelry is further sold at good rates. This is the main reason why we are able to pay you more as compared to others. You sell us gold and in return we pay you maximum profits which you can further invest in buying new property for you.

Furthermore, our professionals are efficiently trained in their field and try to resolve all your seemingly unending queries with utmost patience. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction. The staffs at our store leaves no stone unturned to give all information about the current gold buying market so that you become efficient enough to catch out the different promotional games offered by different companies. Our right way of assistance with our top notch services and our ability to offer maximum profits will never make you dissatisfied or annoyed.

So, come to us to sell your unwanted diamond jewelry, medallions or old gold coins and come out with good cash in your hand.

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Highly Recommended to Sell Your GoldThis is really a wonderful place as I faced no problem to park my car and further I got good cash for my old gold coins which I was planning to sell since a long time. Thanks to LA Cash for Gold.Mike

Great CompanyLA Cash for Gold is really a cool place to sell your silver flatware, medallions and unwanted gold coins. The service was superb and amazing.Bob