Sell Your Expensive Gold to Raise Cash

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Looking for some good options to make instant money? Sell your scarp jewelry and earn fast cash in no time. Selling your unwanted diamond jewelry or gold coins to a local jeweler would pay you very less. Look for some reputed companies who can give you maximum profits. LA Cash for Gold is one such renowned company where you can sell all your valuable items at much higher prices.


Our company lying in Pasadena, California is easily accessible for people living in Cerritos. Our prime location enables our firm to spread out its services, thereby making more and more profits. However, you might sometimes think why to travel to Pasadena if there are so many local stores nearby. We are a reliable store that values your metal and offers much higher rates than others. Moreover, while you travel down to our location, you will face no problem as we have a good parking area, especially to park your car with great safety and security. When you come down to our store, we accurately evaluate and test each of the items with our latest technology and process. Solving all your problems, we give you right knowledge required in order to sell your metals at right price. The payout prices are determined depending on the current market rates. We have become successful in acquiring the status of third generation master jeweler with over years of experience to determine the value of the each item.

Reasons why we are able to pay more than others

Our ability to pay you more than others depends on recycling process in which all the purchased items are first weighted and then goes through a procedure in which the metals are melted and molded to give a more finished look to the piece of jewelry which are then sold at much realistic rates.

Our skilled professionals are expert in their field and solve all your queries with utmost patience. They are specially trained to impart right information related to the gold buying market so that you can perfectly catch the gimmicks offered by many gold buying companies. We help you to the optimum level and offer you maximum profits when you come to sell your diamond necklace, gold coins or silver flatware. Our top notch services and right way of assistance will never make you dissatisfied.

So, cash your gold with us and generate some heavy cash

Review For our Pasadena Client

Friendly Service at LA Cash for GoldThe service offered at LA Cash for Gold was courteous and very professional. Happy by the exceptional service………… Peter

Sold my Jewelry and Earned Fast CashSearching through Google, I came across many gold buying companies of which LA Cash for Gold looked fine. The next day I went to the store to sell my scrap jewelry. They assisted me very well and offered me a fair amount for the item.John