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Cathedral City

Are you facing severe financial crisis? Looking for an effective way to overcome your troubled waters? If so, then selling your precious metals at LA Cash for Gold will be the perfect solution for you. We are located in beautiful Pasadena which is just about 2 hours away from Cathedral City. We know it is a bit of a drive for the people residing in Cathedral City, but assure you it is worth the drive.  LA Cash for Gold is considered as one of the most reliable gold buyers in and around Los Angeles and San Gabriel area. We exclusively believe in absolute customer satisfaction and this made us achieve immense customer satisfaction. Since 2007, we are serving our customers with premium gold buying services in exchange of its true value.
Our Reliable Precious Metals Buying Process
We serve with the most transparent and trustworthy valuable metals buying procedure in the industry. The complete evaluation process of metals and diamonds are carried out in front of the customer in order to make the whole process credible for the seller. Our professional and experienced team practice unique techniques to evaluate the payout percentage in a manner to ensure the accuracy standards. Our experts try their level best to resolve all your possible queries regarding the selling process. You can also estimate the value of your metals through our cash for gold calculator tool online before visiting us in Pasadena.
Our Other Services

  • Replacement of watch batteries
  • Mend broken jewelry
  • Design customized jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Recycling process

Our Recycling Process
LA Cash for Gold has its own refinery where all the precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum go through an extensive recycling process. We melt and mold the metals in our refineries to extract the purest form of metals that includes .999 silver,.999 gold and.999 platinum. Further, this purest form is traded in the market and also used in the manufacturing of latest designed jewelry. 
Who can sell gold at LA Cash for Gold?
If you are planning to sell your precious metals at our store then you must follow some of the essential norms in order to have a hassle-free experience.

  • Seller must be of the age 21 years or above
  • One should be carrying a valid photo ID or driving license
  • One must own all the jewelry which he/she wish to sell

Review For our Pasadena Client

Amazing Place to Cash Your Silverware!LA Cash for Gold is the perfect place to get the true value for all your silver items. They follow honest and reliable techniques to buy fine metals. The team was extremely helpful as they effectively educate me and my wife about the whole industry. I sold all the broken and vintage silver items and got an amazing price for it. Thanks Again!John