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Canyon Lake

Residing in Canyon Lake and searching for renowned gold buyers to sell your old and broken jewelry? If so, then LA Cash for Gold is your quick and easy solution! Our company is 100% reliable and offers accurate value for your precious metals.
Our store is well known for being a premium precious metals buyer and located in the heart of Pasadena, California. The best part about our store is that you can reach us just in 20 minutes to cash your silver, gold, platinum and diamonds. Our gold buying services are absolutely reliable and followed by a transparent procedure which ensures to offer true value for your precious metals and diamonds. Whencustomers visit us to sell their jewelry, we digitally test its purity standard, also known as karat. Then weigh your valuable items on our authentic jewelry scale, allowing us to give you an estimate payout percentage. The accurate price depends upon the prevailing markets rate of all the metals which usually fluctuates according to the New York stock exchange. Also, you can conveniently go through the live prices of all the valuable metals on our website at
Array of Our Other Services:

  • Watch repair and battery replacements
  • Fixing and sizing of jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Designs customize wedding rings
  • Recycling process of precious metals

What makes us unique?
LA cash for Gold has exclusively excelled as a leading gold buyer in the whole cash for gold industry. At our store, you can avail the true value of all your valuable items with utmost customer services. Our company exclusively owns its refinery which is used to recycle all the precious metals wherein all the valuable items are melted and molted in .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. This derived form is widely used in the manufacturing of jewelry and also traded in the market.
Criteria for Selling Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamonds

  • Jewelry should be owned by the seller
  • Seller must be at least 21 years or above
  • Provide a valid photo ID or driving license

LA Cash for Gold doesn’t believe in exaggerating or advertising unnecessarily and falsely about our company.  You can conveniently do research and read about our reliable services, our reviews from our customers speak for themselves as well.  On our website, it is easy to read our payouts and how they are broken down by karat and what we pay by gram and/or troy ounce.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Extremely Cordial Staff LA cash for Gold is simply awesome to deal with. They were extremely friendly and courteous. The staff was able to tell me what kind of karat my rings were and able to pay me instant cash for them. One ring was broken so I was a little worried they weren’t going to be able to buy but it they did and it was worth the same metal value as my other stuff which was great! Come see them to get paid good for your items, they really are great! Thanks again. Trini