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LA cash for gold brings a golden opportunity for the people who are residing in the city of Camarillo and looking to sell their precious metals. Our firm that is situated just at the distance of 56 miles away from the city of Camarillo in Pasadena offers the most transparent gold buying process for the people who are looking to sell their gold, silver and diamond items. We have been working in this domain for last 7 years and have in-depth knowledge of the same. In addition to this, we have a team of dexterous employees who understand the requirements of patrons and accurately assess the real worth of the precious metal scrap. To determine the real worth of the item, the staff first digitally checks it and finds the exact pay out percentage. Further, the price is calculated in accordance to the latest market price.
LA Cash for Gold has made a website and has developed two tools especially for its customers. By using these tools the customers can calculate the price of their item as per its weight and latest update of New York stock exchange. Apart from this, LA Cash for Gold promises to pay the fair price for your precious metal as compared to the other companies, since we carry out the recycling process of your sold products. In the recycling process, we melt all the scrap and derive purest form of metal. Further, that extracted metal is molded into new jewelry and later traded in the market.
Please keep in mind the following if you do decide to sell to our company:

  • Seller must bring his or her valid ID or a driving license
  • Seller should be least 21 years of age
  • The jewelry that is to be sold should be your belonging

Some of our stupendous services:

  • Perfect deal for trading gold, diamonds, platinum and silver
  • Highest prices for broken jewelry &dental gold
  • Watch repair
  • Replacement of old batteries of watches
  • Removal of stone
  • Redesigning of old jewelry

Moreover, our teammates are very dedicated and helpful. They educate the customers about the entire gold dealing process so as to ensure that they do not get low prices for their precious gold items.  They resolve all queries of customers with great patience.
So get paid higher for your precious metal scrap jewelry at our store.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Offered me the best priceIf you want the most money for your gold, than LA Cash for Gold is your bet. A friend referred me to them and I came in with no knowledge of how the gold selling process work or what type of karat my stuff was. The young lady that helped me was very informative and was walking me through the step by step process. I had mostly 14K which is the most common karat there is in jewelry. I came out of there with almost $400!! I was surprised my little trinkets were worth that much. They are awesome to work with and I’m happy with my decision of going there. I ended treating my friend to dinner for her great suggestion. Thanks again guys! Judy