Sell Your Scrap Gold Items To La Cash for Gold to Deal with the Financial Crisis

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LA Cash for Gold is the best bet for those who are looking to sell their silver, gold, platinum and diamonds. We are one of the leading gold buyers situated in the heart of the gorgeous Pasadena. We have been in the gold buying industry for over 8 years and our number of clientele keeps expanding with every year. We admit that it can be quite a drive for the residents of Calipatriabut we assure you it's worth the drive to get paid the right amount for your valuables.

LA Cash for Gold is the only firm that pays customers 70 to 80 percent of melt value for their precious metals, whereas other firms can offer 30 to 40 percent. In addition to this, our professionals are extremely skilled and honest. Our experts make sure that customers get the maximum return on their precious metals and diamonds.Testing for the purity of your items is always done in front of you. Our staff is trained to educate consumers about some of the aspects of gold buying to our consumers. This will help you become aware of fraudulent acts of other buyers in the industry.

Our Latest and Advanced Tools


LA cash for gold always focuses on the satisfaction and convenience of our customers. We have developed a cash for gold calculator and a live price chart index to make it easier to understand how we purchase the metals. By making use of the cash for gold calculator, one can estimate the price of its metal as per its karat and weight before coming to our primary office in Pasadena. The live price index updates the prices of the gold as per gram, DWT and ounces andalso updates itself every two minutes per the change in the New York stock exchange prices.

LA Cash for gold is known for:


• Jewelry repair
• Watch battery replacement
• Customize jewelry
• Large showroom of latest jewelry collection
• Watch repair
• Replacing watch bands

Eligibility for selling precious metal at our store


• Client must be 21 years old or above
• Client must be able to provide a state valid ID or driving license
• The jewelry should be clients' own belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Review for our Pasadena ClientI visited LA Cash for Gold to sell my scrap jewelry and I wanted to tell you that their evaluation process is really transparent and lets you understand every aspect of your jewelry. They were very friendly and didn’t pressure me to sell my stuff at all. I was amazed by their website and couldn’t be how easy it was to understand. Thanks again LA Cash for Gold for making my first gold selling experience hassle free!Lana