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Are you coping with the poor financial crisis? Make instant money by redeeming your precious diamond jewelry or broken gold coins. However, finding a good gold buying company is always a tedious task. So you must learn to select a firm that can pay you the right price for your precious metal. Our company LA Cash for Gold owing years of experience can definitely serve you well with top notch services. Nestled in Pasadena California, our store is easily accessible from many peak locations of the city. And if you are searching for a top rated gold buying store in Calabasas, our firm can serve you the best by paying you a fair amount for your valuable items. We are not far away from your place and travelling down to Pasadena is full of comfort as we have an excellent parking area giving you no difficulty to park your car.


Your gold, diamond and silver can generate heavy cash for you with our excellent cash for gold services. We accurately test each item and further give you right information required about the metals and their prices. When it comes to purchasing your diamond, gold, platinum or silver, we offer a different prospective that is really very unique. Our capacity to pay you more depends on one key component i.e., recycling process in which the items are first weighted and then melted and molded to get a new piece of refined jewelry out of it. The molded piece of new item is further sold at best prices. This distinctive process enables us to give you maximum profits for your sold items. With years of experience and being successful in precious metals buying, we hold trademarks of three separate auspicious brands that exclusively belong to our National Gold Market Corporation.

Our experts are well experienced in this field and educate you with the right knowledge before you sell your precious coins, jewelry and metals. We solve all your queries with utmost patience, thereby ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. We use the latest technology to determine the value of items in trustworthy way as we do not believe in practicing hidden charges. You can definitely rely on our best services and acquire maximum profits for the sold items. The process we practice of purchasing your valuable items is very simple and effective.

Therefore, navigate through our website and give us a chance to assist you with our best services.

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A Highly Recommended Place to Sell Your Expensive JewelryMy sister had a broken jewelry which she decided to sell. I went to LA Cash for Gold and believe me I got more amount than expected. I recommend this place to everyone.Jack

Great Service The staffs at LA Cash for Gold were very nice and assisted me very well. Also the parking area was awesome and I faced no difficulty while parking my car. Ashley