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No matter, the economy is down but the rates of your scrap diamond jewelry and unused gold coins will always remain higher. Many people in order to overcome their tough times look into their jewelry boxes to discover a wealth of financial opportunities. When looking to sell your unwanted jewelry, you must to learn to select a company that can definitely pay you well. Throughout the years, our company LA Cash for Gold has proved to be efficient enough for sellers who want to turn their valuable items into fast cash. And furthermore, if you living in Burbank, it would be easy for you to travel down as we located just stone's throw away distance from you. We are located at Pasadena, California which is no far from Burbank. We buy your gold at right price according to the current market rates. You will certainly not get dissatisfied by our superior services.


Furthermore, while you travel down to Pasadena, we make sure that you don't face any problem as we have a good parking area where you can park your car. When it comes to buying your most valuable items, we accurately test each item to determine the value it holds. With years of experience we are a reliable gold buying industry that values your gold to the fullest. When you come to sell diamond, gold or silver, we conduct a recycling process in which each of the items are first weighted, melted and molded to acquire a new piece of jewelry out of it. Thereafter, the finished jewelry is sold at good prices to earn more profits. Our ability to pay you more than others depends on this key factor. The process we practice to determine the value of your sold item is simple and efficiently easy.

Moreover, the experts at our store are trained in their field and give you right knowledge needed before you sell your gold. We leave no stone unturned to assist you in the best possible way. Your queries are always on the priority and we solve them with utmost patience in no time, thereby ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. With our efficient services, it is for sure that you will never go dissatisfied and will always earn more for your broken jewelries.

Henceforth, give us a chance to turn your gold pieces into fast cash instantly.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Instant Money in No Time, 2 Thumbs Up For LA Cash for GoldI decided to sell my gold jewelry for the first time. I was really tensed whether I will get the right amount for my jewelry. However, LA Cash for Gold solved all my queries with utmost patience and at the same time offered me a fair amount for the item I sold.Renee

Wonderful Gold Buying Company in PasadenaI was struggling to find a good company to sell my wife’s unused jewelry. I visited 3 stores nearby my place and lastly went to LA Cash for Gold and to my surprise I lest with more money in my pocket. Really!! It’s a good place to sell gold or other jewelry.Harry