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Are you thinking to convert your unusable jewelry into cash by selling it at a reliable store? Do you dwell at Brawley and looking for an eminent firm to sell your precious ornaments? If your answer is yes then LA Cash for Gold is here to help you with the top rated gold, silver and platinum buying services. We have started our business in 2007 after doing the deep research in this field. LA Cash for gold is placed in the heart of Pasadena, which is 3 hours drive away from Brawley. Though, you need to travel for three hours to reach at our store but it will worth in the end when you will get the true worth for your precious belonging.

Our transparent business policies


With an aim to maintain the hard earned trust of the patrons, we have made transparent business policies and strictly adhere to the same. As per our policies, we test the purity of the precious metal right in front of the patrons in form of karat. Once the purity determination test is done, we break the metal as per its weight using jewelry scale. Further, by making use of the Cash for Gold calculator, we estimate the price of the precious metal. The price percentage that we pay to patrons is actually based on the latest process of the market.

Our firm pays higher prices to patrons for their precious items. Other firms just pay 30 to 40 percent but our firm pays 70 to 80 percent. It is because of our precious metal recycling process, in which all the items are melted and purest metal is molded into new form. This molded form is further sold into the market.

Our flexible services:


• Mending of jewelry
• Repairing of watches
• Replacement of old watch batteries
• Sizing of ornaments

Points to be kept in mind prior of selling precious metal at our firm
• You must be 21 years old or above
• You must have state valid ID or driving license
• You shall be the owner of the jewelry that you want to sell

Review For our Pasadena Client

Amazing jewelry repairing services I had ornaments that were gifted by my mom on my wedding. Mistakenly those ornaments got broken and I didn’t want to sell those as for me those were the token of love. So, I decided to get those ornaments repaired. I had heard of LA Cash for Gold services, so I went to their store. Once they returned my ornaments after repairing I was surprised, they were looking so good and no one could say that once those looked liked chunk. Delora