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When it comes to face some of the sudden outlays that you are not prepared for, selling some of the scrap diamond and gold jewelries would be the best option. However, be very careful while selecting a top rated gold buying company because it's your gold, on most important asset. Our company, LA Cash for Gold understands the value of your precious item and gives you good amount in return. Furthermore, if you are a resident of Bradbury and searching for a superior gold buying company nearby your location, what could be best than us. While traveling to Pasadena, California where our store is located, you will face no difficulty as we have a well built parking area allowing you to park your safely. For us your safety, security and comfort are always on the top.


We offer a different perspective when it comes to purchasing your gold coins or diamond jewelry and carry a special researching pattern before purchasing your gold, silver or platinum. We properly analyze the weight of the item and depending on the current market rates; we pay a fair price for your valuable items. Our company owing years of experience, we give correct knowledge required before you sell your gold to us. Our way of evaluating and accurately testing each item will leave no queries in your mind. Moreover, the main reason why we are able to pay you more than others is that we conduct a recycling process in which we weigh your item first and then melt and mold it to give a desired and finished look to the jewelry. Thereafter, we sell the molded jewelry at much realistic rates.

The professional staffs employed at our store are efficiently trained to impart knowledge required before you sell your item. They have on hand experience to explain all the important points and determine whether your item holds value or not. Our queries and problems are solved with utmost patience by our experts. We strive to assist you in the best possible way with best services and practices. We ensure maximum customer satisfaction by properly analyzing your gold and paying you well. The process we follow to evaluate your gold is easy and convenient.

Therefore, bring your precious gold coins, diamond necklace and sterling silver to our location and return happily with a good amount in your hand.

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Awesome Customer ServiceWhen I went to LA Cash for Gold to sell my gold, it assisted me with their very good services and paid me well. I was really satisfied. Tracie Morrow

Really a Best Company with Top Notch ServicesEvery time I think of selling the gold, I always prefer LA Cash for Gold as the company is best known for its amazing services. Nancy