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Living in Bell Gardens? Are you looking for a good company to sell your gold coins and most precious diamond jewelry? In this case, selling it to a local jeweler would not pay you much. Also, you must take precautions while selecting a gold buying store as much of the companies in LA can trap you in fraudulent dealings. Our company, LA Cash for Gold practicing no unethical means can serve you best with amazing services. Situating very close to your location at Pasadena, California, we look forward to provide maximum comfort while you travel down to our store to sell some of your most precious items. We offer a good parking area where you can park your car without any difficulty.

Bell Gardens

The sale of gold and diamond has become increasingly popular as people these days want to make instant money. When you will walk to our store to sell your scrap jewelry, you will definitely be satisfied as we offer a higher profit against the item. Also, our firm being easily accessible from other peak locations of the city allows us to enhance our business to the top level, making better benefits day by day.

Our company does not believe in practicing any hidden charges. While purchasing your unused jewelry, we first evaluate your items first by accurately testing them in order to determine the value of the metal. We are a trusted gold buying industry owing years of experience and impart complete knowledge needed to sell your valuable jewelry at right price. The main reason why we are able to pay you more than others is that we conduct a special recycling process in which the items go through a melting and molding procedure to acquire a new piece of jewelry out of it. Thereafter, the finished jewelry is sold at much realistic rates. As compared to the other gold buying industry, we pay you higher, much beyond your expectations.

Furthermore, our way of rendering services offers complete customer satisfaction. Our team of professional experts will guide you in the best possible way. Our way of assistance readily gives thoughts to your wings enabling you to accomplish your task fruitfully. Your queries are solved with utmost patience by our skilled experts. Right from purchasing your jewelry to evaluating it, we help you in every way.

Therefore, your trust means a lot to us and we promise not to break it ever.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great Place to Make Instant CashI wanted to buy a new property. I was in need of fast cash. I decided to sell my sister’s gold earrings but was not getting enough profits at the local store nearby. Thanks to LA Cash for Gold who paid me a fair price of the item. Great business!!Bruce

Super Informative and Knowledgeable LA Cash for Gold is a greatly recommended store to sell your gold as the staff was very informative and gave me correct knowledge of the market price. Natasha