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Gold buying business is greatly thriving. Now a day, one most popular way to earn extra cash is by selling old gold, silver and platinum. If you are a resident of Beaumont and are looking for an efficient gold buying store then look no further. La Cash for Gold is one of the best gold buying stores where you can sell your broken silver bracelets, gold necklaces and even some of your old medallions. Our company placed at Pasadena, California is not far from your residency and will face no difficulty while traveling down to our store.
We are a trustworthy firm who greatly values all your metals. We accurately test each of your valuables to determine each piece’s purity. The payout prices are then determined depending upon the existing market rates. In fact, we pay you higher prices compared to other gold buying companies. One main reason why we pay you more is our ability to conduct a recycling process. In the method, the items are first melted and refined. The recycled items are then sold at reasonable rates.
Why we are different?
We exceptionally practice the complete procedure of precious metals assessment in the most reliable and trustworthy manner for the absolute customer satisfaction. Our trained and experienced crew examines and weighs all your fine metals such as silver, gold and platinum carefully. Our team educates the seller about each and every aspect of the gold selling process in order to save you from the deceitful acts of the other buyers in the market. LA Cash for Goldoffers up to 75% to 90% value on your precious metals as compared to 20% to 50% of value which is provided by the others. Moreover, our customers can conveniently visit our website and use our tools to calculate the accurate payout percentage before visiting our store.

Our Other Astonishing Services

  • Stone removal
  • Repairing broken jewelry
  • Replacement  of watch batteries and bands
  • Customized jewelry designing

Our Exceptional Recycling Process
We practice a unique recycling method of silver, gold and platinum that we buy from our customers. These precious metals are meltedin our own refineriesto obtain the purest form of .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. After deriving the purest form, these metals are molded and traded in the market or also used to make new jewelry. Our exceptional refining process makes us capable of paying higher prices to our customers.
Points To Be Kept In Mind before Visiting Us

  • One must be of 21 years of age or above
  • Provide a valid photo ID or a driving license
  • One must own the metals which he/she wish to sell

Review For our Pasadena Client

Exceptional range of ringsI wanted to buy a gorgeous diamond ring for my wife and someone suggested to me LA Cash for Gold. They have a great variety and patterns. I found each and every piece exclusive and crafted with immense creativity and uniqueness. My wife simply loved her birthday gift, thanks to the staff for helping me pick the perfect ring for my wife. I am looking forward to visit them again. Charles