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Gold, diamond and other precious items are at all times high. If you want to turn your useless gold into hard cash, then you must keep an eagle eye upon the fluctuating gold prices and search for reliable companies to sell your precious gold. Choose a good reputed company and undoubtedly LA Cash for Gold could be rated high amongst others because the authenticity of our company lies in trustworthy services. We value your gold and give you maximum profit than others. However, you might sometimes question why to travel all the way from Bassett to Pasadena just to sell gold. You gold is a precious asset that hold great value and travelling to sell it to a genuine company should not trouble you. Moreover, our firm is not too far from your location and is easily accessible. Situating in a prime location enables us to sprawl our services by making more and more profits.


Our company located at Pasadena, California is a leading firm that leaves no stone unturned to serve you best. When you come to sell your gold or other precious items, we evaluate and carry an accurate testing process to determine the value of the item. The metal purity is at first determined and finally the payout percentage is evaluated. We follow a different strategy while purchasing your most valuable items gold coins, flatware, diamond jewelry etc. We conduct a recycling process in which the item is first melted and molded into a new piece of jewelry in order to enhance the demand and supply of the item. Further, we sell those molded jewelry at much realistic rates. Also, this is the main reason why we are able to pay you more than the others. In addition, while you travel down to Pasadena, we take care of your comfort and see that you don't face any difficulty. We have a good parking area where you can park your car more conveniently. You will never be disappointed by our services as we always pay you higher as compared to others.

Our ultimate motto is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. Our professional staff is well skilled in their own field and they shall resolve all your queries with utmost calmness and patience. The team is efficient enough to assist you in the best possible way and ensures hassle free service. Right from buying your gold, we assure to offer you more profits in return.

Therefore, sell your gold coins or diamond jewelry at the right price and get hard cash instantly at Bassett.

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Best Place to Sell Your Scrap JewelryI researched about them online first and later went to their store. The staff of this company made me comfortable and dealt very efficiently. They took time in solving all my queries with utmost patience. Thank you again for your wonderful service.Stella

The Experts are Really SuperbI went to LA Cash for Gold yesterday and hats off to them, the service they offered was exceptional. They explained me everything in a very understandable manner. Chalmers