Confront Your Tough Financial Condition by Trading Precious Metals

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You never know when bad financial situation creeps in your life without leaving you much to do. In such situation, the precious metals which you own can be of best rescue. But, it is obvious that anyone can be apprehensive while selling their hard earned precious metals. In order to ease out your apprehension, our company is at your service to offer you the trustworthy environment where you can sell your precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum or buy sophisticatedly designed jewelry without any doubt.

Our company, LA Cash or Gold is situated in the heart of Pasadena and is hardly one and a half hour of drive from Barstow. So, if you live in this city and need to sell your precious metals to overcome the financial trouble then our company is the best place to visit over. We offer best price in the market for your metals which is around 70 to 80 percent. Our offered price is highest than any other buyer as they offer only 40 to 50 percent of return on your expensive metal scraps.

Different and Reliable Setup for Buying Precious Metals


Our perspective to sell or buy precious metal items is completely different than others. We use absolutely transparent process to buy your metal stuffs as our motto is to make our customer satisfied with our service and they trust on our setup which includes checking purity level and weight of the precious metals. We do all the process in front of our patrons so that they can be sure that what the price they are getting is the authentic one. This transparency leads us to be the most trusted brand in the whole California and known as the biggest buyer in the California.

We use our cash for gold calculator to calculate the return price for your expensive metal and this calculator is licensed to be used by us. Our customers too can use it by visiting our website and know how much price they can get if they sell their metals to our firm because this is the exactly same price we will offer you. The price we use to calculate the return is based on the precious metal rates of New York stock exchange. You can see the latest price we offer at the website in live price index page. Here you can find the prices for gold, silver and platinum according to their weight and purity level.

Criterion to Sell Your Precious Metals at Our Firm


Our company has some criteria which we follow while purchasing costly metals from our customers. This criterion is based on the rule of buying or selling precious metals defined by government. So, if you required to sell your expensive metal scraps then please fulfill the below listed requirements-

• Your age must be of 21 years or the above.
• You carry an identity proof such as driving license, state ID or other valid photo ID.
• The precious metal you want to sell must be your property.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Transparent and Top Notch ServiceThis is really a wonderful place to sell gold. The service is extraordinary and left really happy knowing I got the most money for my belongings. The staff was really nice and friendly. I didn’t have any doubts once throughout the whole process. Patricia