Earn Instant Cash by Selling Your Silver, Gold or Platinum!!

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Are you living in the city of Banning and need to sell your gold and silver?If so then LA Cash for Gold is absolutely the right place to liquidate your items. We are located right in the heart of the playhouse district in Pasadena which is just an hour drive from the city of Banning. LA Cash for Gold is a well-known and reputed silver, gold, platinum and diamond buyer servicing people in the Los Angeles area and Pasadena are for over 8 years. LA Cash for Gold is considered an authentic and trustworthy precious metals buyer and is expanding its list of clientele every year. Our complete process of buying gold is followed by a transparent method which makes us quite popular for serving our customers with the true value of theirfine metals.

What makes us Different from other gold buyers?

Our firm accepts all your scrap or broken jewelry providing the best value for them all. We follow the current market trends and offer you actual prices for all your assets. The staff at LA Cash for Gold weighs and prices out your items for you. We have a very special recycling process in which the items are first melted and then refined into a pure metal, which is then tradable in the global market place with our many buying partners. This volume of buying power, allows us to keep recycling the metals we purchase and provide the highest payouts possible to our customers. Our experts will only quote the final price of the metals only after examining your valuables thoroughly. Our team can efficiently answerany and allquestions to relieve you from any kind of doubt before selling to our company. LA Cash for Goldoffers up to 75% to 90% on your precious metals as compared to the other gold buying companies that can offer as low as 25% of gold, silver and platinum.

Eligibility of Selling Precious Metals on Our Store

If you are planning to sell your precious metals to our company please keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age and are able to provide a valid driver's license or a valid state ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Amazing services and gorgeous jewelry designsI have been visiting this store for almost 4 years. They are just amazing to do business withand provide utmost customer satisfaction. The staff is great and they calculate my items right in front of me. For the first timers doing this make sure you go to a place where they test your items in front of you. Some places can be so sketchy and take your stuff in the back room “to examine” and they can actually say your items aren’t gold and offer to throw it away for you, when in reality is it and they are just trying to rip you off! Not at LA Cash for Gold, they are honest and really great to do business with. Come see them you won’t be disappointed!Katy