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Planning a family vacation during winter or summer break? Need some extra instant cash? If your answers are yes, then LA Cash for Gold is the best solution. We buy all gold, silver and platinum jewelry. We buy all broken jewelry, medallions, bullions, mismatched earrings, dental gold, coins and many more. At LA Cash for Gold one can fetch the true value for all their valuable items through our transparent and efficient buying process. We are one of the leading and honest gold buyers in whole Los Angeles and San Gabriel valley area which is situated right in the heart of the beautiful Pasadena. For the residents of Bakersfield, it can be quite of drive but assure it's worth the trip if you want to get paid top dollar for your precious metals.

Our Trustworthy Precious Metals Buying Services


The fine metals that we buy from our customers first go through andigital testing which is used to estimate purity standards of your items, this is also known as kart. After evaluating your precious metals, we weigh your items on our jewelry tools and calculate your payouts on our very own cash for gold calculator. This particular tool is widely used to estimate the accurate value of your items according to the market prices of the metals for that business day. Moreover, you can always check the live prices of all the precious metals on our website at

Our Other Reliable Services


• Watch repair
• Jewelry repair
• Replacing the batteries of watches
• Removing stones

Our staff of professionals exceptionally excels in the gold buying market and are able to educate our customers of how premium services work. Our primary focus is to make the whole procedure convenient and transparent.

We also practice an extensive recycling method to extract the finest form of metal which also makes us exceptionally authentic in the industry. All the precious metals that we buy from the public are first melted and molded to derive .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum in our own refinery. After this procedure, the extracted purest form is used to make customized jewelry and is also used to trade in the market at a later time.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Reliable Services I and my husband were looking to buy a family car but unfortunately we were running short of the required amount. This situation made me think of selling all my broken and scrap jewelry and other valuable items in order to come up with the difference we needed. One of my friends suggested visiting LA Cash for Gold in Pasadena. The staff was very helpful and so informative. They explained the step by step process while they were testing my items (in front of me I might add). I was amazed by their prices and how everything was self-explanatory on their website. We managed to get a nice sum for my things and had enough for our family car. Thank you to the entire staff that helped us. Everything was great from beginning to end. Come see them to get the most for your gold, you won’t be disappointed. Natalie