LA Cash for Gold-A platform where people can conveniently incash their old gold jewelry.

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Do you want to generate money by selling your old broken gold and silver jewelry? Looking for a reputable gold buying company in the city of Atwater? If so then LA Cash for Gold can definitely help you out. LA Cash for Gold is a reputable precious metal buying company and is newly located in gorgeous Pasadena. Admittedly, it is a drive for the residents of Atwater to our primary office, but assures you it was worth the trip to get paid high prices for your metals. We are recognized as a prominent gold buying firm in the San Gabriel Valley as we follow transparent business policies and pay nearly 70 to 80 percent to customers for their precious items. Our staff usesthe proper tools and technology to determine the purity of the metals you bring in to the office.

Listed below are the services offered by us:


• Stone removal
• Jewelry repair
• Watch repair
• Replacing watch batteries

Our modern tools


LA Cash for Gold has two helpful tools you can use in very own home before coming to our office. At you can use "cash for gold calculator" and the "live price index" to estimate your payouts based on the purity and the weight. The primary goal for engineering these tools was to make the gold selling procedure more easy and comfortable for the sellers. When patrons visit our store, we also educate them about the usage of these tools so that they do not get cheated by scam of companies.

Criterion for selling precious metal at our store:


• Seller must be 21 years old or above
• You must bring in state valid photo ID or driving license
• You should be the owner of the jewelry that is to be sold

Review For our Pasadena Client

Skilled and chivalrous staffThe staff here at LA Cash for Gold is skilled and very professional. They carried out the entire process of jewelry right in front of me using the latest technology. They calculated the price as per its weight&purity and paid me the exact values as per New York price exchange.Tori