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Are you one of those who want to make instant money? Your Gold, diamonds and other precious assets can proffer you maximum profit when you decide to sell them. However, you must very cautious while selecting a reliable company that could ensure you best returns on their sale. LA Cash for Gold is the right place that assures creditability and reliability to all its customers. And if you are living in Artesia, you will certainly find no difficulty in travelling as our company is no far from you. Our store located at Pasadena, California is just stone's throw away distance from your place. We are sure that you will certainly find no other perfect store than us to sell all your precious items.


Sometimes, you might try to find justifiable reasons why to travel to a distant place to sell gold. Well, we try to answer all your queries and leave no stone unturned to serve you best. One most fascinating part of our services includes a good parking area where you will find no difficulty to park your vehicle. Furthermore, our services heighten its level by proffering maximum profits in return of your gold coins, jewelry and precious items. With years of experience, we know how to evaluate and accurately test each of your valuable items. The foremost reason why we are able to pay you more than others is that whatever we purchase from our customers goes through a complete recycling process where the items are first melted and molded into a new piece of jewelry in order to increase the demand and supply of the items.

Furthermore, our efficiency lies in how we deal with our valuable customers. With skilled and expert professionals, our company tries to build up a close network with you. Our experts with years of knowledge try to solve all the seemingly unending queries with utmost patience and calmness. With such friendly nature and amazing set up, it becomes easy for us grow our network to further level. Our satisfactory services and complete customer satisfaction relies on one key component that is 'trust'. We are dedicated and committed to create transparency in our services and make you acquainted with the current market spot price. With tremendous success in buying more gold coins, diamond and silver jewelry, we have become successful in acquiring trademarks for three up leading brands that solely categorize into our National Gold Market Corporation.

Hence, we endeavor our level best to give you highest gains against your precious assets such as gold coins, diamond, platinum or gold.

Review For our Pasadena Client

A Company Highly Built for Your ComfortI went to LA Cash for Gold and to my surprise; I found no difficulty in parking my car. Further, the staff was super friendly. I highly recommend this store to everyone.Rosy

Company offers really the fair dealI randomly visited the store with one of my friends who wanted to sell her gold. The company is so well built and offered her a fair price for the item she sold. I found the company very impressive and I shall visit them in the future for sure.Leyla