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LA Cash for Gold is expanding services to the residents residing in the city of Vernon. Our company is newly located in Pasadena and is only a 25 minutedrive away, but assure you it is worth the drive. La Cash for Gold has become one of the trendsetters in the gold buying business with innumerable satisfactory services.

Our primary focus is to assure our customers they are getting the best paid prices for their precious metals. We are a honest company and follow proper practices at our facilities. Whether you want to sell your scrap jewelry, outdated bangles, cufflinks or mismatched earrings, we buy them all. Our buying process includes digitally testing and weighing your precious metals with specific tools. After the testing process, we then calculate your payout prices on our very own calculator. The prices are also determined depending upon the current price of the metals for that business day. Our website has many helpful tools to make easier for you understand the difference between karats and what we pay per gram for each of those karats. After you are satisfied and give your consent, we carry out the formalities of paperwork.


Recycling Method

We have our own refinery to carry out the recycling process. The metals are melted and molded to be converted into pure .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. After they acquire their purest form they are ready to be traded into the market.

Our Satisfactory Services

Our experts will teach you about the gold buying business so that you can never be caught in any gimmicks played by other companies. They assist you at each step and provide their complete helping hand to solve all your queries. We also offer jewelry repairs, watch repairs, watch battery replacements, etc. Please keep in mind that you be at least 21 years of age, are able to provide a valid state id or driving license and that the jewelry must be your own belonging to sell with our company. Our long list of customers itself shows how reliable we are. To check our reliability, you can check our website or come to us without any doubt. We assure that you will definitely get the best from us.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Skilled, Talented and Experienced StaffThe staff at LA Cash for Gold is really fantastic. I was still a little confused on the whole selling process and they walked me step by step during the entire process. I didn’t once feel cheated since everything was done in front of me and I was very happy with what they were offering. Come see them if you want the best price for your gold and silver. They don’t disappoint at all. Joseph