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If you are from the gorgeous city of Ojai and looking for a genuine buyer to sell your precious metal scrap then, we are not distant from you. Our firm is newly placed in the centre of attractive city of Pasadena, which is just an hour and a half drive away from Ojai. The main motive of our firm is to give fair price of gold, silver and platinum items to people who are residing in the neighboring city of Pasadena. Owing to our transparent business policies, we have become the first and foremost company for selling gold in the city of Ojai. Being one of the leading precious metal buyers, we ensure that the customers get best price for their belongings. Apart from this to ensure the higher level of patron satisfaction, we educate them about the entire gold buying process and patiently solve their each & every query.
Efficient recycling process
You must be thinking, why and how we pay 70% to 80% on the precious metal whereas other firms just pay 30 to 40 %?The answer of this question is this metals we buy from our customers go through an efficient recycling process. We have a well-developed refinery where we melt all the gold, silver and platinum jewelry and derive the purest form out of it. The purest form for metal is further reused to make new jewelry that is sold in the market. Due to which we are able to pay higher prices to patrons as compared to the other gold buying firms.
Stupendous services offered by us are as follow:

  • custom designing of jewelries
  • Stone removal
  • Replacement of watch batteries
  • Repairing of watches

Our genuine precious metal buying process
With an aim to make the gold buying process more authentic for our customers, we have specially developed a live price chart on our website that is automatically revised within every two minutes in accordance to New York Stock Exchange. In addition to this, we have also formed cash for gold calculator using which customers can evaluate the exact value of gold as per its karat number and weight. Further, to ensure that our customers do not feel cheated and understand how we have calculated their belongings, we calculate and evaluate the price of the item right in front of them. 
Our helpful and experienced staff
We have been able to win the trust of patron due to the never ending support and dedication of our staff. Our team mates are very experienced and understand the requirements of patrons. Moreover, they are personally trained by our owner so as to enhance their skills. Our teammates are very sophisticated and greet the customers properly. They interact with the customers, understand their requirements and provide them the solutions, accordingly.
Principle for selling gold at our store

  • You should be the owner of the jewelry that you want to sell
  • You must be 21 years of old
  • You must bring your valid ID

Review For our Pasadena Client

Do the entire evaluation process right in frontLA Cash for gold is the best place to sell precious metal scrap. The staff here is honest as they carry out the entire metal purity determination and evaluation process right in front of customers. It was a pleasure working with them. Susan