Sell Your Mismatched Jewelry at LA Cash for Gold to Win Over Your Deprived Monetary Phase

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Looking for an idea to generate quick cash to deal with scarcity of cash? Sell your old precious metal scarp such as medallions, dental gold, mismatched earrings and watches at our store and get fair prices. We at LA Cash for gold one of the most reputed gold buyers in southern California located in the exciting city of Pasadena.  We pay 70 to 80 percent for your precious metal as compared to the other companies and this is the reason why we are considered as one of the top gold, silver and platinum buying company in and around Pasadena.
Apart from this, we have established a live price chart that updates in every two minutes as per New York stock exchange we have also produced cash for gold calculator tool that provides the exact price of your gold. These two tools remove the confusion that generally occurs at the time of liquidating assets. We have a team of sophisticated and dexterous staff mates. They test the purity of your ornaments by making use of the latest gold testing digital technology. After determining the Karat of the item, its price is calculated as per its weight with the aid of our gold calculator.
Our website keeps on updating within every two minutes by using which any customer can determine the value of their ornaments in the comforts of their home. We are a completely customer focused firm that aims to pay fair price to our customers for their knick-knacks. For the same, we do recycling of all the metals and sell the newly made ornaments in the market and make profits.
Other services of our store are as follows:

  • Renew your old jewelry and make it look latest
  • Mend your broken watches
  • Replace old watch batteries
  • Buy as well as sell jewelry

Conditions set for selling gold at LA Cash for Gold:

  • The age of the seller must be above 21 years
  • Seller must bring in valid photo ID or driving license
  • You should be the ownerof gold item you want to sell
We have a team of selected employees that are highly knowledgeable and accurately determine the price of your jewelry, coins and medallions.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Cooperative professionalsI was facing the scarcity of gold and wanted hard cash urgently. Then one of my friends suggested me to sell my mismatched earrings and old medallions to LA Cash for gold. The employees of this store did all the weighing and evaluation front in front me and paid me the cash immediately.John