How to sell your gold and get more Cash for Gold Tustin

With high gold prices many people are looking to unload their old gold for cash. If you’re in Tustin “City of Trees” we can offer you a unique and transparent solution; to exchange your gold for cash. Most people looking to sell gold, silver or platinum usually do not realized that they are actually trading a commodity and the jewelry that they are selling is worth more than most local gold buyers usually will offer. Most gold buyer are looking to gain a higher profit margin from those customers who lack knowledge about selling gold.
LA Cash for Gold has been in business for over a decade now and provides a very unique and honest approach. In fact a great deal of our business comes from customers in Tustin looking to trade their unwanted gold. The commute from Tustin to our location in Pasadena is roughly 45 miles and the travel might just be worth your while.
Our company stands out from all other cash for gold businesses, allowing us to offer more cash; we melt and refine all precious metals eliminating the middle man. All melting is actually done here on site by the smelting department. The pure metals are extracted and split from the alloys; then are either sold to vendors in the industry or used to meet our demand in our retail and wholesale jewelry manufacturing.


Making jewelry requires 2 key components; one is the metal, the second is the stones.

We normally do not purchase smaller color stones, mainly because it cost too much to re-cut and polish the stone. Larger Color stones are sometimes purchased if it is worth re-cutting and reusing the stone. Diamonds on the other hand are used in most of the jewelry we make. What we look for is the Carat weight of the stone, the shape, cut and quality. When you bring your items in we will examine each stone give you an option to remove and return or sell your diamond for cash.

Selling valuables can be tricky, buyers will often try to give you much less that the actual value. LA Cash for Gold will test your items to check the purity, and then will weigh your items in grams and price out Real Time stock based pricing using our live price chart or Cash for Gold Calculator.
If you’re over 21 years of age from Tustin California and you and have a valid State ID or Driver’s License, then come in and visit us to get the most cash for selling gold in the state.