Selling Gold is Easier Then You Might Think!

I recently inherited quite a bit of gold jewelry which presented me with an interesting proposition in deciding what to do with it all. There were some pieces which I kept for sentimental reasons, but the majority were chains, rings, brooches, and the sort which I personally could never imagine using. Already I feel that I own too much stuff so that now upon inheriting more my mind was made up to see how much money I could make for selling the gold and diamond jewelry.

The first place that crossed my mind was Cash4Gold but I tend not to trust companies that advertise on TV and I wanted to have a breakdown on my items because if certain gold pieces didn’t cost that much I probably wouldn’t sell them. After searching for local cash for gold places I found that I had a lot more choices (I live in Los Angeles and there is pretty much any business you can think of here). At first I thought that I could try out a few of these with different pieces and find which one was the best, but after looking through each website and calling on the phone, the one that stuck out the most had their prices listed, a cash for gold calculator which gave me a good idea what to expect, and were very straightforward on the phone.

I went there first and I liked the way I was treated. They explained they needed to test the jewelry to determine which karat type of gold it was and they did this with an electric gold testing machine right in front of me. Next they weighed out the separate karats of each of the gold jewelry to 14 karat, 10 karat, and 18 karat. From there I received an offer that was better than what I calculated on the website. I also sold some of the diamonds that were set in the jewelry but did have them remove stones from a ring that I am going to use in a new piece I want to design.

My experience was definitely great, I got cash for selling the gold jewelry and diamonds, made some new friends, and got a little new education on an interesting industry. I still haven’t sold all the jewelry yet, but from my positive experience I am encouraged to tell you that you can too!